Advertising & Sponsorship Policy and Rates

Thank you for visiting Electrician Live, a nationally syndicated podcast and videocast program sponsored by Electrical Code Academy,  Inc.


Electrical Code Academy, Inc. and Electrician LIVE offer a few creative ways to have your business or group promoted on our media platform.

  • Banner Placement on Vidcasts ( PNG or JPG Image Only)

  • Audio Advertisements ( 30 or 45 Second Spots)

The costs range from the following:

Voice Over Advertisements Rates:

$20.00 Per 30 Second Advertisement - Pre-Roll and Post-Roll Spots

$25.00 Per 45 Second Advertisement - Mid-Roll Spots

$65.00 Per Episode [(1)Pre-Roll, (1) Mid-Roll, and (1) Post-Roll Spots]

Banner or Logo Advertisements Rates:

$ 50.00 For PNG or JPG - Entire Episode Display Banner (No Audio Roll)


 For more information contact us at

Why should I advertise, isn't this show BRAND NEW?

While the Podcast/Vidcast Program is new; the advertising platform is not. We have been broadcasting podcasts and videos on various channels, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Deezer, Stitcher, Google Podcasts,, Podcast Nation, FM, IHeart Radio, CastBox, Podcast Addict, and many more.

Our Podcasts and Videos garner over 300,000 unique listeners a month and that is only targeting apprentices and helpers in the electrical field. This NEW platform is targeting the entire Electrician Population. We are going to be marketing EVERYWHERE!


Download our Special Guest Marketing Sheet - HERE



30-Second Pre-Roll AD $20.00

30-Second Post-Roll AD $20.00

45-Second Mid-Roll AD $25.00

Pre, Mid, and Post Roll Combo AD $65.00

Banner|Logo AD $50.00

Sponsor 1 Hour Show with Pre, Mid, Post, and Banner/Logo $110.00

Dedicated Product Spotlight/Interview -  1 Hour Show $ 1,000.00

Note: Advertisers MUST send a written text (via email) for all ads to be transcribed into audio and any images for Banners or Logos to no less than two weeks prior to the show date agreed upon.